Most Anticipated MMOG Aura Kingdom Unveiled Classes

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Having gone through nearly 3 years of development by X-LEGEND Entertainment, Aura Kingdom, published by Aeria Games in North America, is coming close to the first closed beta test. Aura Kingdom provides players with 9 weapons to choose, when they start to create characters. Each weapon has own orientation and features. With the Dual-weapon System, players are able to equip two weapons. In the combat, it is possible for players to unleash Primary and Secondary Weapon Skill freely so that switching weapons will not ruin the battle. As of today, I will unveil weapons' features so as to help you to find an appropriate weapon when the closed beta test starts.

Role: Damage; Weapon: Great Axe

With a thundering roar, Ravagers burst onto the battlefield swinging giant axes of destruction. These wild warriors, with their take-no-prisoners philosophy, serve up brutal chops that can stun or bleed enemies. The swing of Ravagers' attacks is so broad and the impact so powerful that many of their skills damage not only the target but surrounding foes as well, helping them demolish clusters of enemies with amazing speed.Abandon the defense of shield and the dexterity of light weapon, two-handed axe master pursuits power and violence. They are horrible rival who protect companies by killing.


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