SMITE: Bastet Guide






  1. Introduction
  2. Item Build
  3. Ability Build
  4. Ability Description/Strategy
  5. Ideal Partners
  6. Greatest Threats
  7. Final Notes

1. Introduction

Bastet is an underused Attack Damage(AD), melee god.  However, her lack of popularity can be a great advantage to those who use her well.  Your opponents will be less prepared for Bastet, as she is so rarely seen. 

She is more of a harassing God then a straight Assassin, though she is suitable in that role.  Her abilities do a great deal of damage in comparison to most AD's and is thus less dependent on auto-attacks. Furthermore, with my builds usage of Void Blade, she is a great counter to other AD's like Loki.  She can do a considerable damage with her abilities and then have  protections to take their auto-attacks,meanwhile the penetration boost from void blade is allowing your auto-attacks to do work on them. Therefore, do not be afraid to take on other fragile assassins like Bakasura.  She also fantastic at charging mages due to her immunity to crowd control after her pounce.


  • Highly Damaging Abilities
  • Great Escape
  • Can take towers/big creeps down early
  • CC immunity


  • Still a fragile Assassin
  • Ultimate declines in usefulness late game (except in Domination)

2. Item Build

Starting Items:  Warrior Tabi or  Void Blade + Meditation+2-3 Healing Potions

When you first go to buy you should get Meditation level 1. You will need it to constantly harass opponents with your abilities.  You do not need to level Meditation, as it is simply a waste for Bastet, though it does not hurt her to have the level 3 heal.  Your first buy should also include Void Blade or Warrior Tabi, it is your preference.  I tend to prefer Void Blade, the added protection will assist when harassing with your Pounce ability.  Opponents and creeps will take shots at you when you Pounce, so its nice to have the added protection.  In regards to Warrior Tabi, only get level 2 of these, unless you absolutely feel it necessary.  The benefit gained from buying level 3, is no where near that of buying your next item.  Lastly, grab 2-3 potions so you can sustain in lane. Your second active ability can be whatever you choose is most helpful.  Take a look at your opponents by pressing tab, see what abilities would work best with them.  For example, if Neith  was on the other team, you may want to pick up an  Aegis Amulet so that you can block her ultimate.

Mid Game:  Rage and Soul Eater or Brawlers Beat Stick 

Next, you should buy either Rage if you are doing well/strongly or Brawler's Beat Stick if you are doing poorly.  Rage will give you a great deal of critical hits(crits) with its passive, but highly expensive. Soul Eater will give you enough lifesteal to take down the Fire Giant or Gold Fury easily.  Once you have Soul Eater you will truly be a force to be reckoned with.  If you are having a rough go of it, the Beat Stick is cheaper alternative to those two items. Not only does it give you crits, but lifesteal.  However, it gives you no physical power benefit, which is a big minus.  It does however, reduce the health regeneration or healing (regen) of healing foes.  If you buy Beatstick, do not buy Soul Eater, just skip to Death Bringer.  

Late Game:  Death Bringer+ Titan's Bane

Next, go with Death Bringer, it will bring your crits and physical damage to insane levels.  Lastly, and there is a lot of wiggle room with your final item, go with Titan's Bane, it's cheap and it will help bring down your now presumably more tanky foes.

As a note, always make sure to buy wards if you feel you can. Their usefulness is incredible and will be of great service to your team.


Frostbound Hammer: Potential replacement for Void Blade.  Provides a slow to your attacks.  A good choice if the opposing team is magic heavy and hit-points are more helpful than physical protection.

Girdle of Might: Provides you and your cats a significant boost to your damage, especially if leveled up.

Hydra's Lament/Jotunn's Wrath:  The reduction in cooldown will benefit your damage output and harassing ability

Devourer's Gloves: Always a solid choice for lifesteal and physical power, make sure to buy it early to build stacks.

3. Ability Build

Above is what I would use a base for any leveling of Bastet's abilities.  Naturally, always level your ultimate as soon as it becomes available.  Razor Claws should be leveled as fast as possible, in order to get the most use out of it early.  Pounce is 2nd in priority after Razor Claws and Nine Tails should be given least priority.  There are alternatives to this structure.  You could possibly get Nine Tails at level 3, in order to get a slow early in the game.  You could also push it back till absolutely the last thing, not even getting a level of it until you have to.  I do this alternative often in Domination, where chasing is much less important and can often be harmful.

4. Ability Description/Strategy

Nine Lives (Passive)

Bastet has a 25% reduced respawn time for 9 respawns.

This is Bastet's weakest point.  A passive that is not particularly useful, but I suppose it helps to some degree.  Hopefully you will not be doing a great deal of dying, but if you are, at least you will respawn faster.

Pounce (Ability 1)

Bastet pounces to her target location, damaging enemies within 20 feet for 80/145/210/275/340 (+100% of your physical power) physical damage. For 4 seconds after pouncing, you can press the button again to pounce back to your initial location.

Cost: 70/75/80/85/90 mana.

Cooldown: 12 s.

(You will jump in the center of this circle and damage all enemies within, has considerably longer range then shown here)

This ability is what is called a 'leap,' and is easily one of the best in the game.  Bastet makes up for her poor passive with the side effect of this ability.  After you use this ability, you will be immune to all crowd control effects(ie. slows). You can visibily see this immunity as she will be golden in hue (shown below)She can even break out of stuns with this, thus freeing you from constant fear of enemies such as Ymir.  However, one thing to keep in mind is that, though she can escape from stuns, she is still effected by them until you press 1 again and pounce back to your place of origin.  Furthermore, even though you can break free from the effect, you will still experience a mini-stun period before you can free yourself.  You will not stay nearly the length of a stun, but there is an additional amount of time where they might get a hit on you.  You should use the ability in conjunction with Razor Claws to constantly harass your opponents.  Simply leap to your foe, use Razor Claws to damage your opponent, and then leap back to your original location.  Some players may grow wise to this and start to attack your place of origin (marked with a golden outline of Bastet), so keep this in mind when you use her.

You can also use this ability even when you don't need to leap away or towards something, use it when you know a slow or other crowd control effect is about to hit you.  This immunity to crowd control can play huge in a team fight and there it's important that you abuse it.  You can also often trick foes into wasting their attacks on you, often your opponents will think you are charging in for the kill when you leap, only for you to pounce back to your original location.

As a final note, this move can glitch and do weird things on rare occasion.  Bastet sometimes "fast walks" back to her original location or simply returns to the wrong location.  These are rare instances, but they do happen.

(Previously Mentioned Golden Hue)

Razor Claws (Ability 2)

Bastet swipes at her enemies, causing them to bleed for 30/50/70/90/110 (+25% of your physical power) physical damage every second for 4s.

Cost: 60/65/70/75/80 mana.
Cooldown: 15/14/13/12/11 s.

(Any target within this cone will experience damage over time)

This is your main damage dealer and does it ever do its job.  Not only does this attack do massive amounts of damage, it does it deceptively.  The damage over time (DOT) hits them once a second for 4 seconds. Meaning at level 3 of this spell, you're looking about a minimum total of around 300 damage.  The cone for this is small, but it is still easy to hit multiple targets.  It is actually easier to hit opponents from slight range, as the cone is quite small up front and you could easily miss.  Once again, use this in conjunction with your pounce to harass.  It is essential that you do this to weaken your opponent for future kills or your ultimate.  Lastly, make sure to use this ability on your target of choice before using your ultimate on an opposing god.  A bleeding target will attract your kittens and they will solely focus on that hero.

Nine Tails (Ability 3)

Bastet lashes her weapon, unleashing a projectile that does 70/120/170/220/270 (+100% of your physical power) physical damage and slows the enemy by 30% for 2s in an 8 foot radius.

Cost: 70/75/80/85/90 mana.
Cooldown: 10 s.

(A very long range slow, however it stops once it hits a target)

This ability is not necessary until mid-game in Conquest and is unnecessary in Domination.  It does solid damage, but you will most likely only use it for its slow down effect and the slow does not improve with leveling.  It has considerable range and slight area of effect(AOE) upon impact.  The timing is a little strange, but once you get use to it you will see its pretty easy to hit with. This move is very simple, use it when you are about to chase a fleeing or dodging opponent.

Cat Call (Ability 4/Ultimate)

Bastet summons 3 cats that attack nearby targets for 10s, slowing them by 20% and doing 25/35/45/55/65 (+20% of your physical power) physical damage per hit. Sensing the smell of blood, the cats will attack bleeding enemies first. The summoned cats gain more health per rank 650/700/750/800/850.

Cost: 90/95/100/105/110 mana.
Cooldown: 90 s.

(Three cats charging Ra)

This ultimate can be incredibly useful in the right hands.  The cats hit fast and they run fast, even opponents who can utilize a leap will be hard pressed to escape.  Cats can often finish kills for you.  Once again, ensure that you have used Razor Claws before using Cat Call if you want to focus on a singular opponent.  Drop these fellows after you use pounce and razor claw and you will easily kill a half-health hero.  Also, with the assistance of those cats, you can take down a weakened tower or the gold fury by yourself.  When you charge a tower solo, make sure the cats go in first, so they can take the hits.  If you are doing well, you can easily solo the gold fury by level 10 if you use your ultimate.  At most, you will only need the assistance of one other God.  Use this ability to kill a tower quickly or retake a Sand Golem in domination.  Also, if you find yourself heavily damage and forced to leave a team fight, don't abandon your allies completely, drop your kittens off to fight in your stead.

5. Ideal Partners

Aphrodite: She buffs you considerably and frees up an active skill, because you no longer will need meditation.  With Aphrodite you can harass indefinitely thanks to her heal.

Ymir: His freeze will give you plenty of time to lay in your hits.  He can blink in to initiate, while you jump behind him, then drop your ultimate.

Hades/Odin: Your ultimate works very nicely with both of these heroes' ultimates, make sure to use them in unison.  You can always jump into or out of Odin's Circle.

Bastet generally works well with any partner as her abilities are simple and effective.  She has no lane partner that will be a disservice to her.

6. Greatest Threats

Ymir: As previously stated, even though you can escape Ymir when he freezes you, it still mini-stuns.  With Ymir in lane, it will be challenging to harass effectively.

Besides that, Bastet has no specific counters or grievous weaknesses

7. Final Notes

Bastet is a strong melee assassin that can take her opponents by surprise.  Be aggressive and get ahead early. Try stealing towers and gold fury early to put the opposing team at a disadvantage.  Also take note that she is a superior Domination player. She can easily solo a Sand Golem when she levels in the teens.  Lastly, do not let her unpopularity dissuade you, Bastet can be a tremendous threat to her opponents.










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