5 Most Popular Champions in S3 of League of Legends

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5. Zyra, Rise of the Thorns – a fatal CC champion

When Zyra was released in 2012, she was a strong AP Mid. So strong that Riot weakened her a lot. Then she was no longer the favorite of solo mid players. I still remember M5's bottom Zyra. At that time, she was a weird supporter who could only be partnered with Kog' Maw and explode.

However, Zyra now is one of the most important roles in a team due to unlimited imagination and creation of players. She is not only planting seeds and granting visions but also striking back by her ultimate to help the team win. What’s more, she is a tough guy when encountered during laning phase: her skill Grasping Roots (E) remotely ensnares her enemy; Rampant Growth (W) grows plants which will fight for her and reduce her cooldown time. When she dies, she can still cast damage on enemies. Because of these characters plus her curvy figure, Zyra became one of the most popular champions in S3.


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