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Hunter F2P Beast Deck, Would Like Some Feedback





Hi, I’m a casual player and mainly play on Hunter. So I don’t have much legendary cards. But I found my F2P deck works not bad after hundreds of games. So here I would like to share the deck with you and hope I have some feedback. The weapons and secret are hard to obtain compare with class and neutral minions, so I chose a beast deck.

And for new players, I would like to illustrate that Hunter has 25 exclusive cards: 2 weapon cards, 7 minions and 16 spell cards. Among the spell cards there are 1 minion summon card and 5 secret cards.

And of all the exclusive card there are 10 basic card, 6 white card (need 40 dust to craft per card), 5 blue card (need 100 dust to craft per card), 3 purple (need 400 dust to craft per card) and 1 legendary card(need 1600 dust to craft per card).

Below is my f2p deck.

Hunter's Mark
Unleash the Hounds x2
Young Dragonhawk
River Crocolisk x2
Timber Wolf x2
Explosive Trap
Dire Wolf Alpha x2
Acidic Swamp Ooze
Ironbeak Owl x2
Scavenging Hyena
Starving Buzzard x2
Animal Companion x2
Kill Command x2
Deadly Shot
Ironfur Grizzly x2
Explosive Shot
Tundra Rhino

And many asked about what to craft first with dust. I think the followings cards would be fine to craft first.

My priority goes like this:

2 Unleash the Hounds > Ironbeak Owl > Deadly Shot > Explosive Trap > Explosive Shot > Flare > Scavenging Hyena

Unleash the Hounds

At that point, Unleash the Hounds is a very important card. Because most of the beast are at low health and every class have some AOE spells. So it is very difficult for your minions to survive. Unleash the Hounds promises your beast come into play at least one time. If you have extra dust, Unleash the Hounds should be the first choice to craft.

Deadly Shot

Deadly Shot is the bane of big minions. It will ignore the Divine Shield. The only shortage of it is the randomness. But still it is very useful. Take one if you can.

Ironbeak Owl

Ironbeak Owl is another must-have card for Hunter. A silence card is always necessary for every deck. Taunt is a hateful obstacle for Hunter. Moreover Ironbeak Owl himself is a beast it will also trigger the beast’s abilities. So I would say, take 2.

Explosive Trap

Hunter has very few AOE spells. Once your opponent spread out minions before you, you will fall into disadvantage. You need an AOE card. However Explosive Shot and Multi-Shot cost too much mana crystals. So Explosive Trap is the best choice.

Scavenging Hyena

Scavenging Hyena has great growth ability. And of course it will become the first target. So you need to take great care of it.


Flare is very useful when facing Mage, Hunter and Rogue but it is not urgent. You can take it if you have extra space.

Explosive Shot

Explosive Shot has high demand of location. And it cost 5 mana crystals. But it is very useful dealing with Sen'jin Shieldmasta. Since Sen'jin Shieldmasta is very popular now, bring a Explosive Shot wouldn’t be a lose

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