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Lokth's Paladin Run Through the 2P Hearthstone Tournament

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Lokth is one of the participater of the 2P Hearthstone Invitational Tournament. He made a review for his tournament. Let's enjoy his tournament experience.

I was lucky enough to get invited to the 2p Entertainment Streamer Invitational. I was a great time and had some amazing players, both well known and some more unknowns (Pretty sure I'm in that second category). For those who don't know it was a bo3 format, 16 players single elimination tournament, players had to submit a deck before the tournament that they had to use in the first game verse each opponent (you could change decks after the first game).

My first game was verse Chu8 (of LoL fame), if you want to watch the vods they can be found here, otherwise read below:

Part 1

Part 2

These where some great games; In the first game my opening deck seemed to have the upper hand, I had build a Divine Paladin deck aimed at winning around mid to late game with the help of some big cards. Chu on the other hand was trying to use a warrior style control deck that was easily countered by the divine shields in my deck. I won the first game easily.

Going into the second game I thought it was going to be a walk in the park. I changed my deck to a more agro orientated deck (less late game, more early game) hoping to kill him quickly. Chu made one change, he added blood knights. When playing a Divine Paladin playstyle there is one thing that can really screw you over, opponents with blood knights. Chu was able to steal several Divine Shields from me throughout the game and pummeled my deck into the ground.

Game 3 I changed my deck to my strongest deck. The apptly named 'Lokthadin'. This was my ladder deck, it focused less on killing the opponent early and was far more a late game deck with some really big draws such as Tirion and Ragnaros along with things like lay on hands backing up the later half of the mana curve. After a lot of back and forth between us and opportune moment to play the Ragnaros I had had in my hand for a majority of the game presented itself and I was able to take away the win.

My next opponent was Sp0h, another LoL streamer. The vod of this set can be found here:

Sp0h played a druid control deck; and all I can say I wow. It was insane. In game one he crushed my opening deck, even after I had managed to get 2 Hoggers on the field after some faceless manipulator trickery.

In game 2 I changed decks to the aggro deck; I feel this was my biggest mistake. Sp0h was able to tear the deck to shreds, I was never able to really get board control, which you need if you want any aggro deck to work. His druid control coupled with his own faceless manipulators copying my few big units and one well placed naturalize on my Tirion Fordring ended the game very convincingly. In hindsight, playing the Lokthadin deck over the Aggro deck may have proved a stronger choice vs the control druid style due to the amount of big draws causing trouble for most control decks its faced.

Sp0h went on to take out Trump in the next round and came a close second to another Druid control deck in the final match. After my loss I was able to cast with another of the competitors along with this Trump fellow, which was an interesting experience to say the least; as an sc2 caster I have never liked casting with more then one other person as it can cause clashes, and that occurred a lot during the cast sadly. We where able to cast the finals which went the full 5 games, druid control v druid control appears to be a very long matchup indeed. Almost all the games went down to the final cards.

The cast definatley showed that a spectator mode of some discription is in dire need if hearthstone is to become an esport, we had to cast using the stream of the players meaning we had only one players view. Guessing what an opponent has in his hand can be fun, but it dose not really work for a decent analytical cast. We had several moments where no one was speaking and discussion on the other players hand could have filled the void.

All in all it was an amazing experience and I hope to be able to do it again!

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