Universum: War Front - a New Sci-fi MOBA Game on KickStarter

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Cyril Megem, the only developer of Universum: War Front, introduced us the game of his dreams. Universum: War Front is an indie sci-fi ARTS/MOBA game with first person control and some features that we've never seen before. And all of this game was made by Cyril Megem his own.

First saw the title - "Universum: War Front - FPS, RTS, MOBA RPG in one Space Epic," on Kickstarter, I was a little confused, so what on earth this game is? But the in game footage attracted me to read more.

Universum: War Front looks like a Dota/Starcraft/Warhammer/Battlefield/StarWars hybrid. It has Starcraft/Warhammer's atmosphere and RTS elements, it features gameplay dynamics, FPS elements like Battlefield, and it also has a high adventure storyline like StarWars. Besides, it gives an indelible mark on its multiplayer battle arena gameplay elements like Dota.

Universum: War Front will have four game modes, Single Player Campagin, Multiplayer Battle Arena Gameplay, First/Third person control,Reat-time Strategy elements and Global Map with some elements.

Universum: War Front is now on Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight. Players who are interested in the game can go ahead to have a look.


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