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New Hippogryph Mount Reward Coming Soon, WoW FB Said

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New Hippogryph Mount

Yesterday, World of Warcraft Facebook showed off a picture of new hippogryph mount, along with a very simple word: New hippogryph mount reward, coming soon. Blizzard never reveals more details such as how to obtain it and its exact name.

According to the brief introduction, the forthcoming hippogryph mount might be as the rewards for Recruit a Friend or Scroll of Resurrection, like X-53 Touring Rocket (it is no longer available within the game) and Heart of the Nightwing. But others speculated that it would be the anniversary rewards for WoW. Because World of Warcraft will celebrate its 9th anniversary on November 23rd. At least, not as the goods in Blizzard Store is a piece of good news for all of us.

In addition, many players posted their complains for the new hippogryph mount as below.

New Hippogryph Mount

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