The Trend of Japanese Mobile Game: Non-App Play

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The prevalence of mobile game in the market made it one of the most attractive aspects in the entire TGS 2013. After played several good quality mobile games at the expo, we saw the new trend of Japanese Mobile gaming: play games on the browser of mobile devices instead of on Apps.

1. Mobile game developers begin to give up apps and use browser instead

A lot of mobile games like card games and casual games aren't played on App anymore. You won't be aware of the fact that you are playing a game on the browser of your Smartphone if you miss the URL on the top of your screen.

The average download speed in Japan is 2~3M/s. So players can expect a short loading time when playing browser-based mobile game. That makes these games more accessible since players don't have to download their games from Apple store or Android store.

moblie game Japan

2. Polarization can be seen in Japanese mobile games. TV is used to play mobile games

At TGS, we saw very casual mobile games and very hardcore ones. Many casual games are extremely simple and all you need to do is tapping on the screen and following the guidance. On the other hand, hardcore action games are still played on Apps and they provide console quality experience. It is worth mentioning that there was a mobile game that was played using a television/PC monitor. It provided console experience although the game was a 3D side-scrolling title. With the development of Smartphone, this kind of mobile games might be played in the living room and become a great threat to console games.

moblie game Japan

3. Lack of breakthrough innovation but lots of small innovations

This TGS we saw no big mobile game companies and big IPs. At the show floor in TGS 2013, we had 4 types of mobile games: card games, EDU, turn-based games and action games. Japanese mobile games have played more and more important role in the market, and the success of Puzzle & Dragons and Million Arthur are the evidences. We look forward to seeing some revolutionary innovations in Japanese mobile games in the future.

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