Manager of StarCraft and LoL Club Falsify Account Statements

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We all know that eSports is not an easy job, no matter in which country. But someone is making the situation worse. Recently someone called 中国电竞加油 (Cheer up Chinese eSports) posted a blog to accuse the manager of ZOO, Yin Liu, also known as LOVETT, a Starcraft and LoL club in China of falsifying accounting statements. According to the blog, from about one year ago, he started to make false accounting statements and pocketed about 200,000 RMB (about $32,680). He purchased a BMW and ran away when his secret was disclosed.

Yin Liu (LoveTT)

The BMW he had.

Yin Liu hired 6 League of Legends players in the LoL department of ZOO. But they didn't sign any contracts. They made oral agreements with each other: the monthly salary for each one is 4000 RMB (about $ 654). In the end, players only got 1500 Yuan (about $245) for one month. Besides, trainees were unpaid. They had to pay tuition to the club instead.

While someone is trying very hard to pursue their dreams in the field of Esports, these guys are trying very hard to make money out of them and crush their dreams.   

Source: 网友再爆内幕“Lovett事件升级


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