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I am a Devote Cleric for about level 18 and I found PvP Domination quite enjoyable. The basic rule for PvP Domination is "grab those control points and kill anybody whose name is in red". The rule is simple but strategies and coordinates are needed to dominate.

PvP Domination

Domination is the first PvP type available in Neverwinter. It is of the 5v5 variety. In the map there are 3 points. Standing in the array for a while and you’ll dominate the points then your team will have scores time by time. The team hitting 1000 scores firstly will win the battle.

And the Icon below will appearing at the screen showing you who is taking over the point you can see directly. So that you will know when your domain was attacked.


The 3 points are evenly split on the map with each camps has one point and the third one in the middle. In general each side will dominate the Points at home and competing for the middle one.
And annoy the enemies’ home points constantly.

Take home points first

At the beginning of the battle, let one of your team members take the home points. Squishy class like Devote cleric will be the best choice because it will be safe at the beginning. And the rest of team should be move as flock and reach the midpoint as soon as possible. There you’ll encounter your enemies.

Burst Your Damage on One Target

Since it is a 5v5 variety, numbers means a lot. Choose a squishy class and beat him/her down as soon as possible. And don’t forget to use "F" to kick him down. And if your attack is going really well, your enemies’ team must be drifted apart. And they’ll come to you one by one which could never defeat your tight team. (Check the picture above) And you can choose to attack the enemies’ home point to speed up collection of scores.

Inferior Position

What if it goes in reverse? Many teams break up and loose the battle completely. Strike back seems impossible. But if there is hope, what should we do? I have two advices that one is waiting until all your team member rise and move together to take back the midpoint. Another is let one or two of your members intrude your enemies’ home point and draw back their power. Trickster Rogue would be best because they can Stealth. And others should try their best to take over midpoints.

Once we stroke back successfully when we were 400 scores behind and won the game at the last second, with only 30 scores ahead of the opposing team. We fall behind at the first because two of us went to the home points which make it disadvantage for others fighting the midpoints. So we lost the midpoints at first. But then we begin to infest the enemies’ home points once we have a chance. By doing that we made the situation a mess. I think the enemies were confused by us and latter on they failed their rhythm. 


A healer is necessary for a team.
Stay with your team as close as possible.
PvP potions are available but will have a serious cooldown.
Keep in mind the overall situation and never fight your enemies blindly.
Fight in the array as possible as you can and avoid fighting in the road.
Use the column and wall as cover to block the enemies' view. 

These are my experience playing PvP Domination so far. I will keep updating this the content, if you have any ideas, different opinions or resource about PvP Domination, please do not hesitate to leave a comment. 

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