Starting from Chronicles of Azuria to Explore Aura Kingdom

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Aura Kingdom

After unveiling the full website, Aura Kingdom released Chronicles of Azuria, the primary source of Aura Kingdom lore, for those eager to learn more about the world of Azuria. Now, let's explore the strange and wondrous world with the weekly tales by Silas Finian.

Ah, forgive me-in my haste I have forgotten to make a proper introduction. My name is Silas Finian, and within the walls of Navea I have the good fortune to be considered to be one of the foremost scholars and historians by my peers. I was told that you came here seeking guidance, to learn the lessons of our forebears before embarking on your own adventure. While I myself do not have the constitution for clashing steel with the many creatures who roam this land, I appreciate your thirst for knowledge all the same.
When I was just a young boy, my family spent summers with my grandfather at his modest villa-not far from Port Skandia. My grandfather and I used to play games on the porch overlooking truly majestic plains that stretched out far to the horizon and well beyond.
One day, I noticed a young hunter in the distance stalking a wolf. A second wolf, however, lurked silently in the grass behind him. Alarmed, I shouted to my grandfather that the man was in danger-but he simply laid his hand on my shoulder and told me to watch. After several moments (in which I'm not entirely sure I remembered to breathe), the second wolf leapt at the hunter. But in a sudden flash, the wolf crumpled to the ground, while the first ran off in fear.

Aura Kingdom


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