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Blizzard: Hearthstone Not Ready For Open Beta Yet

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The recent blue post on Hearthstone forum gave players some updates on the game's status and the compensation plan after the data wipe. Blizzard's Community Manager Zeriyah wrote on the forum that the game's not ready for open beta as they are still balancing the game and working on new features. Simply put, the open beta will start "when it is ready". What's more, Zeriyah confirmed to the community that after the wipe, players will get 100 gold for each card pack they purchase with real money.

Are we capable of open beta? Capable isn't quite the word that is appropriate here. Are we ready for the open beta right now? The answer to that question is no. We have balance changes and other features to implement before going into open beta, as well as other things on the back end to ensure a smooth transition between beta phases.
It doesn't make a lot of sense to assume that we are not releasing open beta simply because we don't want to. We want to! And we will, when it is ready - When we are happy with balance, when we are happy with features and functionality, when the bugs have been shooed off and the medals have ample place to be hung. (read the original post)


Players who purchase the entry to Arena with real money will receive 150 gold for each ticket, Zeriyah confirmed.

Many of the posters in this thread are correct. For each pack purchased with real money, you'll get back 100 gold. Each Arena entry will get you back 150 gold.
Here are a couple examples:
  • Zeriyah bought the $2.99 bundle for 2 packs during the beta. After the wipe, she will receive 200 gold. (100 gold per pack x 2 packs)

  • Aratil bought the $49.99 bundle for 40 packs during the beta. He also bought 3 Arena entries. Aratil will receive 4450 gold (100 gold x 40 packs + 150 gold x 3 Arena runs) after the wipe has been completed. (read the original post)

Last but not least, Zeriyah said there will more opt-in beta key waves coming to all regions.



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