See How Time Flies And Things Change In World Of Warcraft

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World of Warcraft

To gaze at a river made of time and water
and remember that Time is another river.
To know we stray like a river
and our faces vanish like water.
-- The Art of Poetry, Jorge Luis Borges

Since World of Warcraft was officially released in 2004, 10 years have passed. Players keep jumping in and out of the fantasy world. Everything changes. So do the NPCs in WoW. Like us, they also experience a lot during these years. See how time leaves its marks on their faces:

From a girl to a woman -- Jaina Proudmoore

From the Great Chief to the Guardian -- Thrall 

Even a hero cannot weather time -- Fordring

A woman changed by Frostmourne -- Sylvanas Winrunner

The new Great Chief -- Vol'jin


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