EverQuest Next and Landmark Are Two MMOs, Landmark First

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EverQuest Next and EverQuest Next Landmark

First considered for inclusion in EverQuest Next,  EverQuest Next Landmark only features building tools when it was revealed with EverQuest Next. But to our surprise, David Georgeson, director of development for the EQN and EQN Landmark at SOE today leaked through twitter that EQN and Landmark are two different MMOs. Landmark is a game more than a tool in EQN.

David Georgeson first announced that EverQuest Next Landmark will have "combat element" after launch because he was asked to leak something by EverQuest franchise fans. He didn't reveal that how the combat element will work in EQN Landmark. But he answered below the twitter that "the two games will feel very different despite similarities," and Landmark will be first.

EverQuest Next and Landmark

EverQuest Next and Landmark

So what will EverQuest Next Landmark be like? Begin speculation. :)

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