Guild Wars 2 Anniversary Bash—Fun, Fight and Gaming

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Guild Wars 2's Anniversary Bash

"Yeah, it is amazing. It is really, really amazing." That's the sounds from Guild Wars 2's Anniversary Bash. Last weekend, ArenaNet took over the entire ballroom at the Renaissance Hotel in downtown Seattle for the Guild Wars 2 Anniversary Bash. In the six-hour party, large numbers of fans and devs got together to celebrate Guild Wars 2's first Anniversary Bash. With the address by ArenaNet president Mike O’Brien, attendances enjoyed various interesting programs such as getting the sneak peek of our Tequatl Rising release, asking questions of developers and watching the watch the exciting final match of the Guild Wars 2 Invitational Tournament.

Teams Car Crash and [SYNC], who won the European and North American Regional Qualifying Tournaments, came to Seattle to show us a wonderful match with excellent display of skill and sportsmanship. After fierce competition, team Car Crash won the ultimate victory and got bonuses of $10,000.

Guild Wars 2's Anniversary Bash

Guild Wars 2's Anniversary Bash

In closing, I would like to remind you that the new patch known as Twilight Assault is schedule to launch on October 1st. With the action-packed dubstep song, just check out the live video to take in the scene atmosphere.

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