The 7 Most Special Bosses In World Of Warcraft

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The 7 Most Special Bosses In World Of Warcraft

It is the 8th year of World of Warcraft. The level cap of WoW has been increased from 60 to 90 (and probably 100 in the near future). The epic storyline of it has always impressed us, moved us. So do the stories of different dungeons. Undoubtedly, bosses of different dungeons play an important role in this. Some of them are cute, some are talkative, and some are provocative. Now let's take a look at these quite distinctive bosses in WoW:

1. The Cutest Boss -- LeiShi


As the 3rd boss in Terrace of Endless Spring, LeiShi is probably the cutest boss in World of Warcraft.

This little water spirit is just like a child who loves to play hide and seek. When LeiShi finds the player, she would shout in horro "What are you doing here? Go away!" Of course no one will leave. When players are defeated by her, she would apologize regretfully "Sorry, it is your fault..." Some players (especially hunters) don't have the heart to kill LeiShi, until they know that she will drop the Soul Burner.

The Humanized LeiShi

2.  The Most Domineering Boss—The Lich King

Lich King

As the ultimate boss in Wrath of the Lich King, it is obvious that cracking him is not an easy job. Before dungeons were buffed, few players could beat him up. However, Lich King's domineering feeling not only comes from the degree of difficulty to take him down, but from his voiceover and his lines. "Frostmourne hungers!" Only two words are enough to awe you and show his imperatorial dignity.

3. The Most Seductive Boss – Mother Shahraz

Mother Shahraz

Mother Shahraz is the 7th boss in Black Temple. She is probably the most seductive boss in World of Warcraft, mostly because of her flirty lines which will fire our imaginations: "Business or pleasure?" "You play, you pay." "I'm all yours." How can players bear such provocative words?! Of course they will knock her down and take off all her… weapons and armors.

Mother Shahraz Cosplay


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