The Removal Of Diablo 3's AH Isn't Exactly What Players Want

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Reaper of Souls

Blizzard will remove auction house from Diablo 3 on March 18, 2014 to fit the game's Loot 2.0 system and bring the game back to the concept of "kill monsters to get cool loot". There will be no controversial RMT next March when the AH is closed down but it seems that the removal of auction house don't receive a lot of cheers and it isn't exactly what most players want.

Many players still want auction house (without the real money aspect)

There are still a lot of players who enjoy trading in the game, and they need the convenient tools like the auction house to do that. Some players see the auction house as a feature that keeps players engaged while some are worried about the game's economy system. At the official site many players mentioned Diablo 2's trading system.

Player named Agmo said:

With out the ability to make named games to trade items it will only hurt the over all player's ability to trade items. No one wants to sit in the trade channels listing to gold farmers spam for hours on end looking for an item. In short we need actual lobby channels like D2 and the ability to make named games for trading to be the least bit successful.

Player named Ministry said:

The only problem is that this will take us outside of the game to do trading. You will have to add people to your friends list in order to trade, where as in Diablo 2 you could trade by simply making a game called "trading." The Diablo 2 game browser is what we need, not this crap "auto assign" junk D3 has now.

Player may go to third party website to purchase gold, which won't kill gold farmers and cheaters 

The purpose of adding an auction house to Diablo 3 was to provide a secure way for players to trade. Doing away with the auction house would push many players to purchase gold and items from third party websites.

PC players are actually asking for offline mode

Blizzard's answer to PC offline mode was still "no" when they announced the Reaper of Souls expansion at Gamescom 2013. Blizzard said they want PC players to play like they're part of the bigger Blizzard and Diablo community, but actually many players believed the real money auction house was the reason that they won't give up always-online. Now the auction house is going to be shut down and players are asking for adding offline mode again. Will Blizzard think about that this time?


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