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Blizzard Recruiting eSports Director for Blizzard All-Stars

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Recently, Blizzard updated the recruitment information on US battle.net. We noticed Blizzard is looking for a director in particular to provide global leadership and direction across all of their eSports programs and activities. The position belongs to Starcraft II and Blizzard All-Stars team.

With the established WCS event promoted by Blizzard, the "third party" SC2 eSports events were not popular anymore. The new Global eSports Director should be committed to change the situation. On top of that, an important mission for the new Global eSports Director is promoting the upcoming Blizzard All-Stars which might be released in 2014. Based on what Blizzard has revealed, Blizzard All-Stars is undoubtedly designed as an eSports game like Dota 2.

For more details about recruitment, you can check out Blizzard's announcement.

Blizzard All-Stars is an upcoming action RTS game. It features heroes from Blizzard's three flagship franchises: Warcraft, Diablo, and StarCraft. As of August 2013, the game was in internal testing inside Blizzard.

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