Someone Made A WoW RTS Based On StarCraft 2

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Alliance and Horde

A Chinese player StevenLuo made a World of Warcraft RTS: Alliance and Horde based on StarCraft 2. And he posted it on the biggest Chinese WoW forum 艾泽拉斯国家地理.

The creator introduced that in Alliance and Horde, player can choose from Alliance or Horde. Most skills and roles are based on WoW, there will be the holy trinity. The design will remind players of WoW before burning crusade – Priest with Benediction; Shaman with Hand of Ragnaros; Mage with High Warlord set. StevenLuo hopes that players will get a reminiscence of the good old days.

He also shared that making a game out of WoW has always been a dream of him. Due to several reality reasons like graduation, hunting for jobs, and so on, his dream was delayed. But 10 years later, he finally realized the dream at 32. This game is a proof of his love towards World of Warcraft and creation. 


If you want to have a try of Alliance and Horde:

1.       An account of Star Craft 2 is necessary.

2.       Enter StarCraft 2's Arcade and search "Alliance and Horde".

3.       The game is about 150M. The first time entry may need 20 minutes to load.


Here are some screenshots of Alliance and Hordes:


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