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'Recommended Mobile Games 2P This Week' is a weekly column article that aims to recommend you the latest and high quality mobile games worth having a try. This article will introduce you different genres of new mobile games ranging from MMOs of shining graphics to the most popular casual games, and there will always be one that you're interested.

This week I'm about to recommend 5 upcoming Japanese RPGs for your mobile devices, some of which are remakes of our familiar classic RPGs, and some are the sequels of classic RPGs. Hope you guys will be interested, now let's walk through them together.

Tales of Link by Namco Bandai

Tales of Link

In Tales of Link, players are able to explore the grand game world of Tales series. There will be brand new original characters available in game, they can join the adventure of your controlled protagonist. New teammates can be picked up to your team when your adventure is on-going, the maximum members of a team is 12, however, only 9 of them can be sent to battleground each time. When meet enemies, you need to team up some characters by swiping the touch screen with your fingers, 9 characters at the most can be linked together, then they will attack.

Below are illustrations of some original (?) characters who will debut in Tales of Link.

Tales of Link character
Caesar (left) | Sara (right)

Tales of Link character
Lippi (left) | Leone (right)

Tales of Link is currently available for pre-register (iOS version only) via here, and is slated for an autumn launch.

Tales of Phantasia by Namco Bandai

Tales of Phantasia

Tales of Phantasia, the first game in Tales series will be brought by Namco Bandai to iOS platform this fall. This remake will use the PSP version as a base, and combine it with touch screen controls. It means you'll be able to experience the Super Famicom version Tales of Phantasia on your iOS devices with enhanced graphics effect. In addition, the iOS version will have microtransactions, according to TaleTale Source's report, one of them can let players instantly revive their party if they are annihilated.

Tales of Phantasia is coming to iOS platform this fall, please keep watching and waiting.


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