Xiaocase's Heroic Highmaul handbook : Kargath Bladefist





Until now, the normal and heroic difficulties of Highmaul have been opened three weeks. As the first Raid of Warlords of Draenor, Highmaul’ overall difficulty is not very high, especially the first Boss: Kargath Bladefist. I and my team only tried two times to defeat Kargath in heroic difficulty. It’s almost the same as normal difficulty, but the loots are in 670 item level. So if you still struggle hard with normal Ko’ragh or Imperator Mar’gok, I will highly recommend you to improve your team by defeating Kargath. So, let’s enjoy this appetizer.
Recommended team composition: 
  • 2 Tanks - As usual, this encounter required two tanks to resist Boss alternately. There is no special request for Tanks. All tank classes are able to do this job.
  • 3-5 Healers - No special request for Healers, either.
  • 6-14 Damage Dealers - No special request for Damage Dealers, but you need take at least 2 or 3 ranged DPS. Of course you can take as much DPS as you want. 
That will reduce the DPS pressure. But more people mean more mistakes. I think 8 to 10 DPS is the most proper in this case.

Recommended average team item level: 

Above 635. That is OK if couple of your DPS. Do not meet the item level request. However, making sure your Tanks and Healers are powerful enough will effectively ease the difficulty of this fight.


As a unstoppable gladiator, Kargath will fight with you in a coliseum.
Kargath totaly have 4 abilities. And three types of adds will join in this fight.
But don’t worry. You needn’t to know them all. 

For Tanks

This ability will applied a debuff (Open Wounds: double the damage from next Impale) to Tank. That is why you need two tanks to resist impale alternately.

For others

This ability is the core of whole fight. Kargath will target a random range DPS or Healers and move towards him (or her). During this time, everyone in front of him will receive huge damage. In heroic difficulty this damage may kill you in two seconds. There are four Skulls on floor of the coliseum. Those skulls will belch a continuous stream of flames (don’t stand in flames, of course). If Kargath step inside the area of flames, he will stop Berserker Rush. This is one of three ways to stop Berserker Rush. The others are: the target being killed by Kargath or target survive over 20 seconds(almost impossible).

So, Ranged DPS and Healers’ responsibility is leading Kargath to flames area. It will be to late to move when Kargath already in Berserker Rush. So, in the whole fight, Ranged DPS and Healers’ should stand close (not inside) to flames area.

Once Kargath choose you as target of Berserker Rush, you should hide behind flames as soon as possible.

Important tips

1) Those flames streams are not permanent. Sometimes they are inactive. So keep moving to make sure you are close to an active flames stream.
2) Never use any ability that may cause aggro lose (like Feign Death) when you are the target of Berserker Rush. That can not stop Berserker Rush, Kargath will retarget others and change direction abruptly. Melee DPS who after Boss will probably be killed.
 3) If it is too late to find an active flames stream to stop Kargath, unfortunately.
Don’t lead Boss to the mass of people. Find a corner and dead alone is the best solution in this case. Your death will stop Berserker Rush and your allies will revenge for you hopefully.
Berserker Rush will not target Melee DPS. So when Kargath use Berserker Rush, watch the direction of Berserker Rush and move to the back of Kargath immediately.

Another ability you should notice


About every 1.5 minute, Kargath will jump to the center of arena and knock back people around him. Then he will pick the 5 closest people and toss them into stands.

It looks like very savage and ruthless. But actually, he is helping you. Because there are some adds need to be clear up on the stands.