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WoW 5.4: Timeless Isle Chests Guide





There are a lot of chests on the Timeless Isle, and every player on the Isle can get these chests, so if you see a host of players searching for the chests, don’t worry, they won’t take away those chests that belong to you. This article will guide you to find out these chests, from which you will get many Timeless Coins and some epic tokens with item level 496, besides, a Burden of Eternity, which you can use to obtain an item with level 535. Now, check out the guide map below.

Code Picture Description
1, 2

Tier 1 Group 1/2

This kind of chest contains some Timeless Coins with a small amount, and sometimes you may get an epic token with lv496 from it.

3, 4

Tier 1 Group 3/4

The appearance of this kind of chest is the same with the Tier 1 Group 1/2, but it contains more Timeless Coins. Likewise, you may get an epic token with lv496 from it.


Tier 2

These chests all contain a small amount of Timeless Coins and two epic tokens, but it’s hard to reach them. Check the way to reach them below.


Tier 3

They contain several hundred Timeless Coins and two epic tokens.


Blazing Chest

The chest contains a medium amount of Timeless Coins, two epictokens, and a guaranteed Burden of Eternity.



These chests can be looted once per week, dropping a large amount of Lesser Charms of Good Fortune in addition to a medium amount of Timeless Coins and a possible epic token. The southern-most Weekly chest also will contain a Cursed Swabby Helmet the first time you open it.

· About the Tier 2 chests (Code: 5), the western two of them are on the cliffs and only accessible by the Albatross. You can wait at the position in the blow’s picture, when the Albatross fly over and within your attack range, attack it and it’ll hold you in the mouth and fly back to the air, when you are above the cliffs, attack it to die so that you can get down to reach the chest.

· About the weekly chest (Code: W) on the southeastern pirate ship, it’s kind of hard to reach. Firstly, kill all the pirates on the ship, and jump onto the gunwale. Secondly, get on mount, run and jump onto the mast (You may fail to jump on the mast at this step, so just be patient to try more.).At last, get off the mount and move slowly and carefully to the end of the mast. Check out the screenshots below.

· The weekly chest on the stone column located at the center of the map where marked with letter D, it’s also hard to reach. Check out our guide in pictures below.

When you get here, jump down onto the rope and walk slowly and carefully, especially when jump from the upper rope to the lower rope, you need to adjust your view angle in case of falling down to the ground. 

· About the weekly chest which is located on another stone column (Code: W of the picture). Check out our picture guide below, and just watch out when you jump from a stone column to another one, especially when jump from the current standing spot of the picture to the first stone column, because it's easily drop to the ground here.

· To get the most valuable chest, Blazing Chest, which is located in the western part of the Ordos Sanctuary, you need the help of the Albatross (We mentioned the way above.). Check out our picture guide below, when the Albatross fly over the lake, attack it to die and get down.

Then jump onto the lower lake, and follow the yellow line to reach the Blazing Chest (Code: 7). At this step, be careful to keep away from the powerful elite dragon, when mention this dragon, actually, Warrior (With the long distance Charge skill) and Rogue (With Cloak and Dagger talent)
 ) can get on the mount via the dragon without the help of Albatross, but you don't need to kill it, just run away.

What need to mention is: There are a host of elites on the way to the get the Blazing Chest, so if you has Stealth ability, which will be very easy, otherwise, you have to get on your mount and rush into the Ordos Sanctuary, and don't forget to use your damage immunization/reduction ability so that you can survive to reach the chest and get the items inside. Although you're dead meat here, but it doesn't matter as long as you got the items.

For more detailed text guide, pls visit MMOCHAMPION here.

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