You Could Lose Your Cash In GTA Online's PvP

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The latest issue of Game Informer magazine has a ton of new information about the world and gameplay of GTA Online. In the open world shared by up to 16 players, you will be able to do almost every activity you can do in the single-player campaign, including hijacking, robbery, car racing, and sports like tennis and golf, etc. One thing you can't find in the single-player mode is PvP, and according to Game Informer, your cash could be taken away if you are killed.

The bank would be a safe place for your money, and you are encouraged to put your cash in the bank and withdraw them from ATMs. There's no word about whether it's possible to rob the bank that keeps players' money. Anyway, cash can be earned through completing missions and GTA Online has over 500 missions which are controlled through Rockstar's Social Club. Some missions can be played solo but some are better done in a team. Some large group mission will require players to choose their duties, and roles such as sniper, look-out and transporter are mentioned.


Other interesting details mentioned include a revenge system that allows you to post a bounty on certain players, a character creation system that involves choosing your mum, dad and grandparents, and activities like inviting friends to your home, calling strippers, watching TV and so on.

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