My Opinions on The TPS Action GunZ Series

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In Gunz, there is a game mode called Quest. In this game mode, you have an option for 3 different missions/quests. The 3 options are: mansion, dungeon, and prison. This mode is a good way to level up when you first start off, and is one of the most efficient ways in the higher levels. The monsters of each area drop items that can or can not be combined to form a boss. Bosses give a good chunk of experience for all players, as well gives a chance at obtaining special items that come from bosses that last 8 days. Here is a helpful link about quests. Link. For Gunz 2 quests is going to be replaced as missions. Here is a short clip of the first mission in Gunz 2. (May contain spoilers) Video.

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GunZ: The Second Duel, GunZ2: The second Duel, Preview, Review

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