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Gunz: The Duel

Gunz: The Duel is fairly old game, as it was released in June 2003 in Korea. It was released in both NA and EU in November 2006. The game didn't get much reputation in NA/EU as others games have been when they come out. Over the time, I have played on these Gunz servers: NA, EU, Gunz Freestyle, and a few other private servers to test out. The game started off as a basic TPS. Some people found these exploits that eventually became a part of the game, which is called K-Style (Korean- Style). Along with this style, was D-style (Dagger-Style). Here is a little short clip of a "pro" player using K-style:  Youtube Video. The video shows how fast pace the game was, and will carry onto Gunz 2: The Second Duel. K-Style is apparently going to be removed from Gunz 2 sadly, as it was originally an exploit.

Every gamer starts off as a "noob". No one will instantly be a good player or a "pro". I have always loved to teach people new things, so they can get a handle of the game, and eventually get better. Sooner or later, those players will get as good as you, or even better! That's what kept me going with all the players I played with, a challenge all the time. I LOVE competitiveness. It burns strongly in many players in Gunz: The Duel, as well as other games. You have to strive to do good, you can't expect it to just happen. I had strive for years to be good, and I eventually got there after countless hours of practice. I hope to see this in the people coming over, or entering Gunz 2 to have this same strive.


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