Archlord II Unveils a Pre-teaser Trailer for Open Beta

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Today, WEBZEN unveiled a pre-teaser trailer for its upcoming Archlord II open beta via the teaser website( From the trailer, we could see battlefield combat and all playable characters that will be available in October. Along with the trailer, we could enjoy the theme background music produced by Cris Velasco, the famous game musician.

Archlord II

It's a MMORPG game that started to develop in 2009 by Webzen. It has no class division in the game, but it adopted a new character system called, 'Free Class', which can maximize the individuality of character by supporting the concept of weapon skill and free stat setting. Besides this, the game reinforced the war contents such as 'City attack/Hero War' and 'large scale camp war'. Also, the conflict elements between gamers become a core element of the game, and it will make the game more fun.


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