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A New Sandbox MMORPG – Neo's Land Launches Kickstarter

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Neo's Land

Neo's Land, a new sandbox MMORPG, is the new project from NeoJac Entertainment located in Calgary, Canada. Being Similar to other sandbox games, this game allows players to mold the in-game world. Neo's Land is already complete, but NeoJac wants to raise $100,000 to power up it. NeoJac has headed to Kickstarters to raise funding.

The game is developed with Atavism and Unity3D engine. Players can purchase land titles in game, which will be zoned for housing, industrial and commercial. All buildings are non-instanced and constructed by players using sections (such as walls, floors, roofs, stairs, etc.) made with skill, blue prints, resources and allowance of time. Players can even create their own dungeons and open those dungeons to other players.

On Neo's Land, there are no action houses and the economy is driven by players. There are neither classes nor levels. The growth of characters depends on Affinity Skill. Neo's Land features open world PvE and PvP combat. Certain areas will have guards posted and no PvP is allowed near a guard.

Neo's Land

Neo's Land


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