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2P Mushi Interview: Will Have Good Cooperation with BurNing





The other day, DK confirmed their line-up: BurNIng, Mushi, Iceiceice, LaNm, MMY. We are so lucky to have an interview with Mushi about some thoughts playing Dota 2 in China.

2P: Welcome to China, what is the reason you came to China?

Mushi: Before TI3 I intended to go to China, maybe I just want to change to a new environment.

2P: Orange made a better performance than any other Chinese teams in TI3. What do you think about Chinese Dota 2? What are the advantages and disadvantages between Chinese Dota 2 and Euramerican Dota 2?

Mushi: Chinese teams are more conservative, however now all teams have done a lot of researches in Chinese strategies. Alliance has few line-ups in the game but they are stable while Na’Vi has more line-ups and strategies but they also have a problem – unstable.

2P: DK, as a member of ACE, will have less matches than Orange. How do you keep form?

Mushi: I am not familiar with ACE, so it's hard to answer this question. I hope DK will attend all the games and we can learn from the games communicating with other teams.

2P: Now Dk's line-up is confirmed. Could you talk about your new teammates?

Mushi: we get on well with each other in real life, but in the game we still need time to cooperate with each other.

2P: Did you recommend iceiceice to join DK?

Mushi: I suggested that, but we made final decision by voting.

2P:We both know that BurNing is a stable Carry and it seems your style is different from him. So do you worry that your cooperation with Burning won’t have the best effect due to the conflict of you two's playing style?

Mushi: There’s nothing to worry about. I think we can have a good cooperation.

2P: What's your opinion about the 4-protect-1 strategy? Will you bring the Southeast Asia playing style to DK or just adjust to Chinese style?

Mushi: I think I will learn the advantage of both. There would be a new DK if we discuss more often.

2P: Many Chinese Dota 2 players think the new DK is promising, but if the results are not that good as people expect, then you may be unjustly blamed by others. Do you feel stressed?

Mushi: Making very decision has its good side and bad side. I just believe in one thing: do the best I can. If we really don’t have good results in the tournaments, we find the reasons and then move on.

2P: You once said you won’t retire until you get the champion. Does it refer in particular to Dota 2 The International?

Mushi: I guess so. Because so far, The International is the only tournament which brings the top teams in the world to compete. Maybe we will have more such big tournaments, then I would say I have got more chances to retire. XD

2P: You are responsible for commanding when you were in Orange, but BurNing and LaNm are also the characters you used to be. Then who wears the pants in DK?

Mushi: I think it doesn’t matter who is in the command position. All we need is to discuss often and I think it is better than silence.

2P: Recently, is holding Dota 2 V Games Tournament. What do you think of that?

Mushi: I’ve just arrived in China so I don’t know about that tournament.

2P: Do you have some words to your family and friends in Malaysia?

Mushi: It is not late to say something when I win some games. XDD

2P: Thanks for accepting our interview. We wish you good luck in China.

Mushi: Thank you.










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