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Take A Big Bite of World of Warcraft's Mooncake!

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World of Warcraft's Mooncake

It's Mid-Autumn Festival again! In the Chinese festival, families get together and eat mooncakes. It's like Thanksgiving in the U.S. To celebrate this event, Netease, the publisher of World of Warcraft in China released mooncakes based on World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria. In each pandaren mooncake box, there is a set of limited edition postcards.

Each mooncake box includes four mooncakes with different flavor. It costs 188 Yuan (about $30). Although it is a bit expensive, it is still a good gift for your good friend in game or your family who also plays World of Warcraft.

 Chinese players can purchase it here: 

魔兽世界 熊猫人之谜 中秋月饼礼盒  预售包邮(9/12起发货)

Pandaren Mooncake


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