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Former Zynga and EA COO Forms New Studio, Backed by Nexon

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John Schappert

VentureBeat reported that former Electronic Arts and Zynga COO John Schappert creates a new studio called Shiver Entertainment based in Miami, which will devote to PC, tablet and mobile free-to-play games.

Shiver Entertainment got founding from Korean publisher Nexon, which had some big moves recently in investing in startups by renowned game developers including Brian Reynold's SecretNewCo and Greg Richardson's Rumble Games.

John Schappert said that free-to-play is the future and this is what people want and what Nexon doing now. Besides, John Schappert had been work for some great companies for years. With more than 20 years experience runing games, he believed tablets and mobile games are the things he wants to do next.

"Consoles are still very strong in the Western market, but the future is free-to-play, on those platforms. On PC, mobile and tablets," he said. "Nexon is focused only on free-to-play. They are interested in the Western markets. That is what I have done for 20 years, so it's a perfect marriage. Neither one of us has any baggage. We don't have massive revenues and franchises into free-to-play. We don't have to start with a game that wasn't meant for free-to-play and make it into a free-to-play game."


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