More Info of Divine Gate's 6 Main Characters Released

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Divine Gate

Divine Gate, the latest title announced by GungHo last week, just got more information unveiled. These information are about the 6 characters who have different special properties including Fire, Water, Wind, Light, Dark and Null, and some latest illustrations of the 6 characters also be revealed, check them out below.

  • Akane (Fire) | Weapon: Wrist Armour
  • Aoto (Water) | Weapon: Blade
  • Midori (Wind) | Weapon: Gwun
  • Hikari (Light) | Weapon: Claymore
  • Yukari (Dark) | Weapon: Scythe
  • Ginji (Null) | Weapon: Axe

NPC Metabon is the newbie guider, he'll appear in front of the adventurers who wanna find Divine Gate.

NPC Metabon

More news of Divine Gate are going to be announced at TGS 2013, keep watching.

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