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Vindictus(KR) Updated a Brand New PvP Mode "Arena"

By Natalie Kuhn on 0 0


Nexon updated a new PvP mode "Arena", a real 1:1 PvP, for its popular action RPG Vindictus(KR), after they unveiled death match in 2012.

In Arena, if you want to win, you are required to K.O your opponent within 90 second, or, your remaining HP rate is higher when the time is up. The winner will be rewarded exclusive title and honor emblem. The arena mode is available for at most 64 players and affords 4 groups of players to start 1:1 PK. The other players could watch the competition via spectators mode.


After the well-acclaimed "race against Charles", this update added another interesting match "Charles tramcar". In Charles tramcar, players still race against NPC Charles to acquire more mineral to win.




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