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When Five Million Meets Dota 2 in China





After fiasco of Chinese team in TI3, ACE became the target of public criticism. Almost all the forums, websites and weibo comments hold one voice that ACE is an organization restricts Dota 2 development in China heavily.

Recently criticism increased when the clubs "kicked" their players out. Every Esports fan wants to know how does ACE work? The other day, ACE president Pei "King" Le had to post a long Weibo, explaining ACE's standpoint and his love for Esports.

Looked back two years ago, Chinese Dota scene faced the same problems. In that shuffle period, Tencent launched League of Legends in China and then occupied the most important part of MOBA games in China.

During this turbulent period now, Netease released "Bread Project" which centered on his own game "Heroes of Kingdoms" aiming to give Esports players salary(A survey about Esports players salary in China). The funding of this project is thirty million RMB (about five million USD). The project will offer substantial money to those professional and amateur players, game organizers, college Esports associations and cooperative internet cafes. "Bread Project" uses Tencent's operation strategy for reference but Netease added their new metas, such as prize pool, organization fund and PVP records, becoming the pioneer in Chinese Esports.

If you are a Dotaer, when you read here, maybe you will say" it is none of our business".

Yes, we have nothing.

TI1 held in two years ago and Perfect World confirmed to be Chinese agency one year ago. Moreover, Dota got popular about seven years ago. Why Chinese Dota still doesn’t have a distinct development plan and be surpassed by other MOBAs?

To answer this question, we need to review Dota history. Dota is one of the very popular Warcraft III RPG maps. However, for many reasons, Blizzard gave up this game. From that time, Dota hadn't had any support companies. Also because of this, Dota was given more traditional sport spirits, including professional players, clubs, professional tournament and professional associations.

In 2011, Icefrog and Valve took Dota to version 2.0. Because of Chinese national condition, Valve had to choose a Chinese agency. After one-year negotiation, finally Perfect World won the agency. Perfect World is a famous internet company which has excellent oversea business experience. But compared with two internet magnates Netease and Tencent, Perfect World is much weaker and Dota 2 doesn't have much money in marketing.

As a junior, Perfect World doesn't have necessary connections. As a company, Perfect World lacks enough money. So ACE decides to find his own means of livelihood. After dominating professional scene, ACE got sponsored by JingRui real and held WPC Tournament. Because Perfect World and ACE centered on the professional tournament, Net café cups and campus cups got less and less fund.

Dota became a few people's revelry. After revelry is TI3 Fiasco.

In fact, Perfect World isn't Netease, does it mean Dotaers won't get a piece of bread?

First of all, Dota has the widest users since 1.0 in 2006. Most importantly Valve is a great game company. Steam has many cutting edge concepts. TI3 Compendium, for example, Valve sold 400 thousand compendiums by 10 dollars each, which not only recovered the TI3 cost but got much profit as well. All this completely turned the concept that traditional sports and other Esports need the third party sponsorship. In addition, professional teams' pennants, couriers, heroes' items and games tickets, all these small stuff let professional clubs, organizers and common players make profit by steam. Valve takes 75% of profit, that’s the reason that Valve can hold a Tournament by itself.

In addition, almost all the campus clubs were established during Dota popular period. Although Dota and Dota 2 are less popular than League of Legends now, years of accumulation will lead to a burst in the future.

Dota 2 has much potential in China, Perfect World and ACE leave much space for us. If we use our heads and do the pratical things, Dota 2 will have a great future.





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