Capcom's Deep Down Features Automatically Generated Content

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Deep Down

Today at SCEJA's conference Capcom disclosed the first details of their next-gen online title Deep Down with a demo. The game's producer Yoshinori Ono told at the conference that the game's content like monsters and gear will be automatically generated. The game looks like a medieval dungeon crawler but it's actually set in New York in the year of 2094. That gives us a lot of room to imagine how exactly the whole game will be.

Yoshinori Ono said Deep Down is an online game and you will meet various players. He showed a short demo of 3 players fighting against a dragon then but unfortunately the demo had no battle gameplay. The power of the game's engine was mentioned as a tech demo of the liquid was shown. Yoshinori Ono also confirmed a playable demo will be available at TGS 2013 later this month.

According to Yoshinori Ono, an announcement of Deep Down will be made on the day PS4 officially released.

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