Dragon Quest X Gets New Expansion, to Be Detailed at TGS

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Dragon Quest X

Square Enxi has announced that the PC version for Dragon Quest X: Mezameshi Itsutsu no Shuzoku Online will launch on September 26th in Japan and it was confirmed will 'certainly' be published overseas. So we still keep an eye out for this MMORPG and it was revealed yesterday that Dragon Quest X will be showed off at Tokyo Game Show 2013 which will kick off on September 19th.

(PC version CG)

(PC version battle footage)

Besides, there is a full fledged expansion to be detailed at TGS 2013. The new episode is titled "The ghost that never sleeps" and will be available at the Megistorious Castle on the Pukurando continent. It will be released both at retail and digital download, and will expand the story, also adding new jobs, new crafts, new maps, new systems, and more. Here are three new screenshots about this new expansion. Check them out.

Dragon Quest X

Dragon Quest X

Dragon Quest X

Now we are just waiting for TGS 2013 and looking forward to the western localization.

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