6 Korean MMOs Worth Anticipating in the Second Half of 2013

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6 Korean MMOs Start Testing in the Second Half of the Year

Last week, we reviewed 5 Korean MMOs that died in the first half of the year and conveyed our condolence to them. Now it's time to stop grieving and look ahead. So this week, we are looking at 6 Korean MMOs that will start testing in the second half of the year.

1. Black Desert

As one of the next-generation MMOs, Black Desert is highly anticipated. The MMO sandbox is developed by Peal Abyss, the maker of Continent of the Ninth. There are some special features of the game: the combat system for instance, based on Producer Daeil Kim, will have great variety in action combat sequences instead of simply pressing number keys. Timing in battle is more important and monster's reaction will be more complicated. Housing system and the mount system are also special features of Black Desert: every house can be a store and players can choose from different animals like horse, camel, elephant as their mount.

The first closed beta of Black Desert is scheduled in this fall in Korea but because Pearl Abyss is still looking for the game's western partner, the CBT will be foreign IP blocked. The game is possible to develop Xbox One and PS4 version.

Mount of Black Desert

Monsters of Black Desert

Housing of Black Desert

NPC of Black Desert


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