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New VG Roster Came out, Super and RotK Joined VG

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Super and Rotk, former DK players, joined VG as solo and offlane players. Today VG will debut in V Games Dota 2 Tournament againt Mono. VG official Weibo said it is a tentative lineup, and it may be changed in the future. On 4th September VG's Dota 2 training camp will be moved to Shanghai. Hope they have great performance!

VG had three talented young players Cty, Fy and Xtt. But the failure in TI3 East Qualifiers intensified contradiction and ZSMJ was changed to supporter. Before TI3, Xtt left VG to join Rstars. The other day, Cty announced to fall out by personal factors. In the meantime, ZSMJ retired again and were very likely to become VG’s coach.

VG New roster:


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