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slide2p recommended 5 weirdest mobile games

Last month ada has posted an article introducing some weirdest mobile games, many people showed interest in these game. I have also played and seen some weirdest Japanese games, if you're interested, take a look below.

Ron-BakuRon-Baku (ろんばく!), Free
The gameplay is very simple, players controls a middle-aged men to complete a series of gymnastics by drawing circles on the screen and utilizing the G-sensor of the mobile devices. Every round your performance will get a score with details. The most interesting thing is not the gameplay, but image of the middle-aged men in a Shouwa style. It must be very funny if he falls down while performing gymnastics.

Ron-Baku Ron-Baku Ron-Baku


God PandaGod Panda (ンダの神様), Free
In this game, every 'annoyance' presents as a dialog box floating on the screen, players need to remove them by touching the dialog boxes, then you'll get EXP increased. when the red bar (which is your EXP bar on the right bottom side of the screen) is filled, your God Panda gains one level. Once the God Panda upgrades, its appearance will get changed which can be as weirdest as you can imagine.

God Panda God Panda God Panda


Shiri RapperShiri Rapper (シリラッパー), Free
I have to say this game is a spoof game in fact. There are different kinds of shiris (buns) wearing different colors of hula hoops provided in game, when players tap two shiris which are of the same kind or wearing same color of hula hoops, the cute shiris will make bright sounds, but if you tap wrong shiris you will hear a bunch of fart sounds. Therefore, don't play this game readily in a public place.

Shiri Rapper Shiri Rapper Shiri Rapper


Rose & Handsome Rose & Handsome (育ててイケメン), Free
How to get a handsome man? That's very easy, it only needs you to clear up the rose around the 'egg man' by tapping and sweeping. When the green bar on the bottom is filled, the 'egg man' will be changed into another face which is more handsome than before. But, is he handsome? I really doubt it...

Rose & Handsome Rose & Handsome Rose & Handsome


Girlfriend in the WallGirlfriend in the Wall (かべかの 〜壁の向こうの彼女〜), Free
There's a cute and beautiful girl trapped in the wall, she's calling for your help, now you need to tap to break the wall. You have 4 status 'Lv', 'Str', 'Exp' and 'Next', 'Str' stands for your damage, when you level up your 'Str' increases. If you want to save your girl as soon as possible, you can pay for some items including hammer etc. Once you save a girl, you can see her illustration in your game gallery, in total 48 girls in different styles are provided, make sure you will save all of them.

Girlfriend in the Wall Girlfriend in the Wall Girlfriend in the Wall

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