Black Desert Unveils Fresh Screenshots, CBT Getting Closer

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Black Desert theme 6

Black Desert fans and the curious, we are very excited to share brand-new Black Desert theme 6 screenshots and one fresh trailer with you today and it is probably the last theme since we didn't find an advance notice for the coming of theme 7 stuff on Daum's teaser website for Black Desert. However, they did say on the website that more contents will be presented to players in the first CBT which is definitely better news than that of the coming of theme 7. We believe that the first CBT is getting closer. Are you excited about what news will come next?

Check out the screenshots and trailer below to know more about Black Desert before you can get hands on it and we will also share the latest information about Black Desert with you.

You will see the character creation interface, NPC intimacy system, hunting, mining, trading and more game contents from the trailer. The world map in Black Desert is quite unique with distribution information of resources including trees, mines etc. being showed on the map. The screenshots show off weapons, mounts, gears, a little black demo and more.

The first closed beta is scheduled in this fall in Korean. It is IP-locked but many of Black Desert fans must be unwilling to miss it. We didn't get further news about Black Desert's western partner yet. Stay tuned for more information here.

Black Desert theme 6

Black Desert theme 6


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