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Five SMITE Zhong Kui Unlock Codes Giveaway Admin




SMITE just updated the latest Chinese god Zhong Kui, Queller of Ghosts. In celebration of the Zhong Kui debut, has partnered with Hi-rez Studios to distribute 5 Zhong Kui unlock code that will automatically grant Zhong Kui as well as his alternate color skin, King of Ghosts. Do you want to play this new god for free? Please hurry up, don’t miss the chance to grab a code.

SMITE Zhong Kui Unlock Info:
The SMITE Zhong Kui unlock code will automatically grant Zhong Kui as well as his alternate color skin, King of Ghosts, when redeemed in game.

The process of event: 
Step1: Register an account in
Step2: "Like" our official social networks FacebookTwitter, G+ SMITE: Facebook
Step3: Please shoot your answers to the question "What's your favorite god  or how do your think of the new god? And why?" at the comment section of SMITE Game Hub. We will announce the winners on September 22nd.

Notes: If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our staff via Check here for more giveaway events on

How To Redeem your Promotion Code
In game click on Store then Redeem Promotion. Enter in your code to activate the upgrade. We wonder if you could write a gameplay review for us after the experience.

About SMITE:
SMITE is an online battleground between mythical gods. Players choose from a selection of gods, join session based arena combat and use custom powers and team tactics against other players and minions. SMITE is inspired by Defense of the Ancients (DotA) but instead of being above the action, the third-person camera brings you right into the combat. And, instead of clicking a map, you use WASD to move, dodge, and fight your way through the battlegrounds of SMITE.

Click here to find out more details about the new God Zhong kui:
SMITE Introduced a New Chinese God Zhong Kui

Following is the list of lucky winners:
Hun Batz the Howler Monkey God. Strong and agile as a monkey, clever and wise like a god. Strategy to play as Hun Batz is to poke your enemy good, but never forget, the enemy will also look to poke you back! Toss your sacred monkey and command him to attack the enemy, but remember that the monkey might pull you into the fight right next to your enemy. Fear not, be clever and jump out of the fight with your somersault or first poke them with your bananas on a stick and then escape to the safety showing them your monkey butt and tossing a laugh or two. If you are being chased by the enemy group summon your fearless totem and move all the evil out of your way, or maybe pull them closer into your team and deal with the evil as a team! If you find yourself jungling it is good to stay in jungle in case you get hungry (mana) because you might bump into a banana tree, no one fights on an empty stomach. Whatever your decisions and tactics are never forget that you’re playing the match with a group of 4 teammates right next to you. Help them out and they’ll help you back, because remember "It is not good to hit a dog because it will no longer help you in case you need to pass the flames of a fire." (Laughs and giggles)
My favorite God is Guan Yu. Even though he changed to physical in the latest patch, I still like him because you can go so aggressive with him plus he has a good amount of sustain. With his 2 and 3 you can just pummel your opponents into oblivion while simultaneously aiding your allies by slowing or debuffing enemies' protections. His healing skill also adds a nice extra touch of support to his kit. Finally, his previous and current ultimates are really good initiators in a team fight. To sum it up: a powerful God with good versatility in damage and support. Oh, and as Master Guan Fu you wield a massive broom...enough said.
My favorite god is Loki. In my opinion he is the best assassin in the game, has very unique abilities, he can go into stealth and is really hard to capture and kill if played correctly. I like to play him because i can play jungle, solo lane, duo lane and mid. I would like to get Thanatos because I am a very good smite player but my parents won't buy me a god pack so I'm desperate. He looks pretty cool, his abilities are great, I think he can even commit suicide and that way enemy players cant get gold and exp (just my opinion), he has the greatest passive in the game (killing minions grants him health) and his abilities are nice for an assassin. Now he is the bestsolo laner for sure, and he can even get Loki of the throne. :D
Log Kuga
Zhong Kui, based on what I have seen, looks like an extremely formidable god. I love the concept of his stacking before an ultimate, because it forces the player to plan out their ultimate, instead of spamming it every time a moment occurs. His protections after grabbing multiple souls make him pretty tanky if the player holds off on the ultimate (he's really squishy right after popping the ult), meaning he can adapt to cover a large range of rolesfor his team. Hopefully his lack of escapes won't be too detrimental. However, his 1st ability's slow looks like it could help with running away.
My favorite god is Neith. I find her utility absolutely amazing! the mix of her skill shot and escape skill "back flip" makes her great for any situation! She allows me to poke enemies as well as keep a safe distance most of the time and her passive is amazing when it is utilized properly. From what i have seen of the new God Zhong Kui he is so superb i would just love to get a key for him! His demon soul system is so handy when it comes to building up protections as well as having a reliable heal. His character and animation designs are also sweet! who doesn't like a demon hunter wit ha giant paint brush??? they did such a good job making him look cool and play amazing i hope i get a key so i can experience this kick ass god for my self!





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