DragonNest (TW) Would Reopen, Changed New Chinese Name

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Early this month, Taiwanese game publisher Gamania announced that DragonNest Taiwan and Hongkong server would be shut down on November 11, 2013. But now, Taiwan and Hongkong players can cheer up again, because the developer Eyedentity Games announced that DragonNest would be reopened by a new game publisher – GF Station.


GF Station planned to publish DragonNest in the middle of November, right after Gamania shut down their old server. They also announced a new Chinese name for DragonNest, the general manager Lin Rongyi explained that it is a temporary name because of trademark right transfer. He also mentioned that they would love to continue the old name, which is very popular and well recognizable in Taiwan and Hongkong.

In order to let new players keep up with game content, new DragonNest will increase 20% level up speed and open level limit to 70 level. New DragonNest would prepare many benefits for players, include a new career Assasin, reopening out of print fashions and increasing gaining ways of various materials.



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