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Recommended Exclusive Cards for Hunter (Part 1)





Rexxar -- towering body and massive muscle has been a classic symbol of hunter for many WoW fans. In WoW he usually wields his two huge axes with tremendous skills and ferocity, and is always seen with his loyal bear companion Misha. Here, via Hearthstone, Rexxar shows many characters and skills in WoW, and more information about recommended cards will be analyzed in this article.

Arcane Shot (Deal 2 damage.)

Arcane Shot can kill off many core cards in the early stage with only 1 Mana cost. High AOE is not a highlight for Hunter, but he still signatures in many shoot skills and traps which could play important roles in his battle. If you are the later and there is only one minion on your board, you can play Arcane Shot and kill one minion in the second round. Then you can pick up one more kill with another friendly minion, after that, play a 1 Mana minion. Victory goes on your way, how perfect! It is worth to be chosen for your deck.

Bestial Wrath (Give a beast +2 Attack and Immune this turn)

It is a beast card which can give a beast +2 Attack and Immune this turn. Actually, you can make a good trade – destroy a high HP minion of opponent at a low Mana cost. While it is still not perfect. It cannot destroy the minion you want if your opponent is under the shield of Taunt. In addition, it is exclusive for beasts, so it will be nothing if you have no any beast under your hero.

Misha (Taunt)

She is the trustiest companion for Rexxar and always fights at his side whenever she is called upon. In hearthstone Misha becomes a Taunt offering powerful shield and aggressive attack for her lord. Just 3 Mana cost with 4 Attack and 4 Health seems a quite decent cost performance for most players, although it is not the cheapest one. That is the reason it signatures in loyal bear companion.

Huffer (Charge)

Both of Huffer and Misha could deal 4 damage, while Huffer only has 2 Health. Actuall I don’t want to call it a well-rounded card, because low Health couldn’t help it last long in battleground. It needs to point out that 4 damage could still help players much in the early game or later rounds.

Leokk (Other friendly minions have +1 Attack)

Leokk is low in attack, when compared with the other two beasts. Generally, the three beats are quite good for Hunter, and the durability from high to low is: Misha, Huffer, Leokk. But you can control the draw, since they are random. Sometimes you need Misha, but it comes Leokk. Anyhow, if you choose beats deck, the tri-iron cards are critical for you.

Deadly Shot (Destroy a random enemy minion.)

It can play an important role in the later rounds. Destroying a random enemy minion with 3 Mana cost is good enough for most players to pick it in their deck. Every coin has two sides, since players cannot control the random. Usually in order to enlarge the effect players want, it should be played in the later rounds when there are many high HP minions on the board.

Explosive Shoot (Deal 5 damage to a minion and 2 damage to adjacent ones.)

Explosive Shot is a rare card from the Hunter deck earned from a card pack or crafting with Arcane Dust. 5 Mana cost is a little expensive for a player, when take the damage it deals into consideration, players are still glad to choose it. In my opinion, players should make a damage prediction in the first four rounds, and if you are lucky enough, it can pick up 2 or 3 kills in the fifth round. Only 5 Mana cost in the fifth round, players may clean up minions of opponent and drag the positive to their way. Totally, a damage prediction is quite necessary, because nobody is willing to waste such an expensive card in battle.

Explosive Trap (Secret: When your hero is attacked, deal 2 damage to all enemies.)

Ok, that’s it! A secret card! Your opponent couldn’t see the trap until it is activated. Some smart opponents could predict what Secret you are playing according to the situation in the battle ground, although all the Secrets of Hunter are 2 Mana. For example, you opponent would not attack your hero directly under Secret. And in order to attack your hero in a low cost, they will aim at your hero when time is right. Anyhow, it is a quite economical card only with 2 Mana cost. It would be batter, if possible, force your opponent to active the Secret in your right time.







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