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Auchindoun 5-man Heroic Mode





The start of this dungeon you will start at the front of the door then move into the second boss room where both the left and right hallways will be blocked off for a short amount of time. After a little role play a priest will open the left hallway. Run down the hallway till you are in the first boss room. In which three groups of mobs will be spread though out the room. Start this trash by throwing out a little crowd control with whatever abilities your group has available. Crowd control is suggested but not totally necessary. Once you have pulled these mobs, one pack at a time, make sure you are rotating stuns and interrupts. The kill targets will always be the Sargerei Cleric, then the Sargerei Soulbinders, and Sargerei Spirit-Tenders. These targets must be interrupted or will heal or put a protective barrier on itself and the rest of the mobs around it.

Now that the trash mobs are out of the way here comes the boss. Make sure you are not in the middle of the room as to aggro the boss and start the encounter. The second boss Soulbinder Nyami will do a little role play then activate the first boss named Vigilent Kaathar. To start this fight have everyone stay about ten yards apart. Tank will run in and taunt the boss starting the encounter.


1.    Hallowed Ground-Creates a small patch of Hallowed Ground, when triggered inflects damage to player and any other within eight yards. Effect hurts but not super deadly. Visually it will look like a little gold swirl that spins around players. Just move out of the swirl to avoid being hit by it.

2.    Sanctified Strike-Boss will randomly turn to a player in the room and strike the ground with a holy fissure. This effect take about three seconds to active so you do have time to finish cast and move out but recommendation is to move as soon as the boss hits the ground if targeting you or someone close to you. The damage is moderate but adds up quickly if standing in the fissure for too long. This effect persists on the ground for about a minute but is casted throughout the entire encounter.

3.    Holy Shield-This ability will target one random range player and throw one of his arm shields at that player. The shield lasts for about 30 seconds in the ground of the boss room. This shield is vital for the next ability he cast. So move close to it after it lands if possible.

4.    Consecrated Light-After boss casts Holy Shield he will turn and attack tank for about five more seconds before casting this ability. This ability is a killer. About 20% health every tick and it will tick for about 10-15 seconds. The best way to counter this ability and to not take damage is to hide behind the shield on the floor of the boss room from his last ability.

5.    Fate-Allows boss to detonate Hallowed Ground at will. So always move away from hallowed ground.

Now going back to the start to get to the second boss, turn and go back down the hall you call in at. But you will notice that trash mobs have now spawned in the hall way. They do not have a lot of health and do not hit very hard but shouldn’t be taken lightly. Unless the AoE of your group is strong would suggest crowd control effects again. Focus targets are Sargerei Magus's which cast an abitily called Arcane Bomb ability will deal heavy damage to players who are touched by the Arcane orbs, or when the Bomb buff expires. They do another cast that deals a considerable amount of damage to the tank but it can be interrupted.  Sargerei Arbiter's which cast an ability called Radiant Fury which causes the Arbiter to charge forward, leaving Holy projectiles behind that will deal heavy damage to any players they touch. The Arbiters also drops Arbiter’s Hammer, a ground-based AoE effect with a small radius. This ability stuns any target it hits. Can stop cast with a stun ability.

Now that you made it to the boss room of Soulbinder Nyami, let your healer get mana if needed. Tanks give a countdown for your group and tank her where she stands or in the south-west corner of the room to kind of already be in position for one of her abilities.


1.    Soul Vessel-This ability will that spawns a little circle on the ground that players must stand in while she is casting this ability. It’s a must avoid ability the ticking damage from it hit hard.

2.    Shadow Word: Pain-A dispel able dot put on a random party member.
3.    Mind Spike-Nyami cast this spell that does a moderate amount of damage but it is interruptible.
4.    Torn Sprits-A channeled spell that spawns three adds, Spiteful Arbiter, Twisted Magus, Malefic Defender. All of which have their own special abilities. Make sure to avoid Arcane Bomb and Radiant Fury. Defender will cast Crusader strike on the tank. An attack to deals moderate damage and also puts a debuff on the tank.
Note: When tank Magus while Soul Vessel is up tank should use a major defensive cool down tank the adds outside of the circle.

The trash going to the next boss can be very easy or very hard depending are your party members and their abilities.
Blazing Tricksters-If they strike a player they are hit with conflagration which deals quite a bit of damage and stuns the target for three seconds or so. Let your range kill those as their primary target. 
Cackling Pyromaniacs-Cast a thing called Fel Blast. A deadly cast if gets off and hits its target. Interruptible and stun able. 

The Azzakel encounter has two phases, which it cycles through until Azzakel is dead. During the first phase, players engage Azzakel directly. Tanks will be knocked back frequently by Fel Lash, and other players may be targeted by Curtain of Flame so should remain spread out.

In the second phase, Azzakel is immune to damage and summons the three demons you have just fought in his room: Felguards, Blazing Tricksters, and Cackling Pyromaniacs. Players must quickly kill Cackling Pyromaniacs and prevent as many of their Fel Blast as possible, by using interrupts, stuns, and crowd-control abilities. Blazing Tricksters should not be killed, just avoided. As two Pyromaniacs spawn, players should coordinate interrupts before the fight begins. Though the demons spawn in random locations, red and green swirls indicate the location at which Blazing Tricksters and Cackling Pyromaniacs will spawn, respectively. This gives players a few moments to adjust into position. 
Tanks make sure you are taunting the Felguards right as they spawn they do quite a bit of damage to non-tank spec’d classes. 

Note: When boss is coming out of transition phases he will land and cast Fel sparks and Fel pools. Just avoid them all together. They are very simple to see and avoid.

The trash headed to final boss deals moderate damage but is all avoidable things. First set of trash is a warlock with an imp. Kill the imp, stun and silence the imp and warlock. Warlock cast Demonic wave range should avoid this. The next platform has another warlock and a felguard. Kill the felguard while stunning it when it cast whirlwind. Try and keep interrupts on the warlock. This warlock cast agony on a target healer should not dispel unless threat of player dying. The ability when dispelled will silence the dispeller. The last platform will be a destruction warlock who will sacrifice its pet upon pull. Focus interrupts and avoiding rain of fire. From there take the porter to the boss platform.

For the Teron’gor boss fight there is so much movement and many abilities to avoid. Start out with a tank countdown pull and a lust/hero/time warp or if you don’t have any of those you can always grab drums of fury from a leather worker or the auction house. In the first 25% of this boss encounter you will only have to deal with four abilities that are easy to avoid. Shadow Bolt which is interruptible, Corruption which can be dispelled, Rain of Fire very easy to side step, and last is Drain Life which needs to be interrupted immediately. For the most part pretty easy till 75% health. Once transitioned he will gain a bunch of new abilities making the fight a little more complex. When transitioning he will emote a yell of the soul he is draining to consume their powerful abilities. In Heroic he will only take one set of these abilities:

1.    Demonology: "Iruun, you battled demons in life ... In death, your power will feed them!"
Teron'gor gains Curse of Exhaustion, Demonic Leap, Chaos Wave, Doom and Touch of Chaos, and retains Corruption.
2.    Destruction: "Joraa, paragon of order ... I shall twist your soul to power destruction!"
Teron'gor gains Chaos Bolt, Immolate, Conflagrate, and Incinerate, and retains Rain of Fire.
3.    Affliction: "Elum ... lifetime of healing. Now, you shall fuel disease and decay!"
Teron'gor gains Agony, Curse of Exhaustion, Seed of Malevolence, and Unstable Affliction, and retains Shadow Bolt and Drain Life.
Make sure your group is spread out a bit to help Seed of Malevolence from doing unnecessary damage to party members and to always avoid Demonic Leap if possible. 

Note in addition to all these abilities an abyssal will spawn on a player and fixate to them for 15 seconds following them around the room, it will jump from player to play usually targeting a range or healer. This add has too big of a health pool to kill but can be slow and rooted in place by a druid thus taking that mechanic out of the fight completely

Healers make sure to dispel everything but Unstable Agony for is silences for 4 seconds on dispel.
Tanks and damage use cool downs whenever possible to stem some of the damage and always try to interrupt the boss’s casts. 
For the most part everyone avoid chaos waves and rain of fire and you should have a pretty easy time downing this boss encounter. 







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