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Hearthstone May Have eSport And Even Single-Player Content

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Hearthstone is designed to be accessible for everyone with the easy to learn but hard to master philosophy at its heart. However, Blizzard has bigger plans for this game, and while they want this game to be small, quick to learn and fun to play with friends, they are also looking at something like tournament and eSports. There will be even single-player content, the developers told IGN in an interview at Gamescom 2013.

"After launch, there's a lot of possibilities. There are tournaments, eSports, or even single-player content. We’re really looking forward to getting this in the hands of the players and seeing what really resonates with them," executive producer Hamilton Chu said. Regarding the future of the game, Chu said they have no plan to allow players to trade cards or add any kind of real money auction house.

One thing that is likely to happen someday in the future will be the adding of new heroes. Lead artist Ben Thompson said "We could be involving new heroes down the line, possibly. We're missing two classes from what we've shipped with, the vanilla WoW style, with nine heroes. It could involve any number of different things. We’re really looking to the community to see what they gravitate towards and what’s most exciting to them to help inform that decision."

Hearthstone is now in closed beta and the game will be released on PC and Mac this year. You can read the full article at IGN.

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