Black Desert Brand-new Mount & Housing Screenshots Released

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black desert theme 5 mount and housing

We have been waiting for Black Desert's Theme 5 screenshots for several days since we don't want to miss anything related to Black Desert. Today the screenshots finally came out from Daum teaser website for Black Desert to surprise us. The theme of them is Mount and Housing.

People ride on horses, camels, elephants and other unnamable mounts instead of walk in Black Desert and they also use them to transport goods. Have you seen the fresh fishes in the cart?

In Black Desert, you won't see any skyscrapers. You can tell from the screenshots below where they live and what it looks like inside the house. Besides, they also make tents outside the city.

Black Desert's first closed beta is scheduled in this fall in Korea and Black Desert is possible to develop Xbox One and PS4 version. Also, if you missed previous themes released by Daum, you can visit them here: Theme 1, Theme 2, Theme 3 and Theme 4.

Black Desert fans and the curious ones, enjoy the amazing world of Black Desert!

black desert theme 5 mount and housing

black desert theme 5 mount and housing

black desert theme 5 mount and housing


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