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Neverwinter's New Expansion "Fury of the Feywild" Preview

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Well it is finally time for Neverwinter's expansion update "Fury of the Feywild".

What am I really looking forward to this expansion? Well everything. But for me personally, I am looking forward to the new races and the new mounts/lockboxes/Feywild Gear and companions.

I am using this expansion to start doing giveaways in my Guild via guild only contests. I am giving away 20 gold and for the first prize a green "Armored Orc Wolf" which may help out some newer players if they want to participate.

There are tons of new upgrades and features such as SHARANDAR, a new zone to quest in. Also there is a new feature to further upgrade companions. There will be new races, the Moon and Sun elves, new "Feywild Gear" and lots more.


I have played many MMOs including Forsaken World, WoW, Xenimus, Marvel Heroes, DC Universe, Ragnarok II and others and I find Neverwinter to be the most entertaining thus far. The game is really fun and there is a lot of things to do to keep you occupied and curious about what is next. The dungeons are great and much like the solo player content, offer a good amount of exploration because there are always secret chests to find or pick if you look around.

I give this game a 10/10 and could really use this pack to help not only myself but my guild members. I would easily make more free giveaway contests for my guild mates so they can also get items they may not have, and I will no longer be using.

Dark Loki (Alpha Wolf Squadron Gold Force Sigma 7)

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