Guns of Icarus Online - 3vs3 Match (Gameplay)

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Hi everyone, it's me AguilaDeAcero from AsN. Today I bring to you another gameplay video for 'Guns of Icaurs Online', in this case I will show you a 3vs3 Online Team Deathmatch game.

In this particular match I was playing with a 3 friends in a public game, it will start slow, but as the time progresses you will see how frenetic the game gets. And you will also see the different classes in action, yeah, I keep shouting to me friends (engineers) to repair, buff the engines or grab some empty guns.

Another important note is that by mistake I didn't choose the role/kit of captain so you will see how all my crew have an important disadvantage (yeah I know my fault), but we still have a blast in that session. But this also proves in some way that team work it's key for winning in this game, and while each individual set of skills it's important, it also does a good communication with your team.

Lastly, you will also see the different types of airships in game, and while I don't talk much about them or make any specific comments, you will see just why watching the video their different types of styles of play for each one of them. Some are heavy armored but being slow, others prioritize speed and collision tactics (yeah!) and also the different positions of their guns.

The game it's now available on Steam (PC exclusive):
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English version here:



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