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Player Create 74/74 Minion in High Mana Cost Phase By Priest

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After you reach level 10 and unlocked all the common cards, you can make some minion with high  attack and high health take advantage of Divine Spirit and Inner Fire. And Here is a guy who make a 74/74 Sen'jin Shieldmasta with the help of Mind Control. When the rival created a Sen'jin Shieldmasta with more than 10 health, he used mind control to take it. And he used  Power Word Shield x2 +  Divine Spirit x2 + Shattered Sun Cleric to improve the health, which would be 74 points then. And finally he cast Inner Fire to make  attack equals health. The whole progress needs 2 round. After successfully cast the combo, the Sen'jin Shieldmasta became a 74/74 minion.

Here are some combos to create high  attack minions in 10 mana cost round featuring
Power Word Shield,  Divine Spirit and Inner Fire:

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 1. Any Minion on deck+ Mass Dispel + Power Word Shield + Divine Spirit x2 + Inner Fire = minion (16+/16+)

This is the general way to strengthen the minion. It can create a minion with at least 16  attack and 16 health. The exact  attack depends on the minion.

2. Stormwind Knight (2/5 charge)+ Power Word Shield + Divine Spirit x2 + Inner Fire = Stormwind Knight (32/32)

3. Wolfrider (3/1 charge) or Murloc Warleader (3/3) + Power Word Shield x2 + Divine Spirit x2 + Inner Fire = Wolfrider (28/28) or Murloc Warleader (36/36)
The time you got Power Word Shield is important.

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