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Greetings Knights.

Take a seat at the round table. We have beer for everyone so do not worry about that.

Before I start, I wanna make some rules:
Don't bring the horse inside, or the housewife is going need clean the crap inside. This is rude towards the members. Keep you companion or pets also outside. These are against the castle's rules.

Dark Age of Camelot is subscription base MMORPG.
Dark Age of Camelot got its own unique experience. Which is RvR. RvR stands for Realm versus Realm. This game Has 3 realms, Those are Albion (The lands of King Arthur), Hibernia (Celtic folklore and legends) and Midgard (Nordic folklore and legends). On live you can only choice one realm on each server. Some servers are linked to each other and then you can try out multiple realms.


Long ago Dark Age of Camelot had lots of people on their own servers. For Europe it was settled on an alternative server called GOA. GOA is French organization which doesn't exist anymore these days. There was a lot fun those days because you had lots of players. Now there are still players playing on the US servers. But the feeling of old days is unfortunately not there. A free to play game dark age of Camelot will properly not arrive. Because of the low population.


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