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[Guide] How to Earn Gold Quickly

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There’s been a lot of discussion on how to make enough gold to buy packs in Hearthstone (Visit our Hearthstone Hub here). The ways to earn gold are various, such as entering the arena, fulfilling the quests. However, the most important way to earn gold quickly is quests and dailies. The achievement system is much more like quests in World of Warcraft. There are both repeatable and non-repeatable quests in Hearthstone, and each kind of quest comes with its own reward.

Look through all these quests, first of all, I found a special quest - The Duelist. The only way to get this steed is finishing 3 times in play mode, but the quest currently doesn’t complete. It’s said that the reward specified is a mount infamous Hearthsteed which was added during World of Warcraft Patch 5.3.

The Quests Tables are Below

Non-repeatable Quests




First Blood

Complete a game in Play mode.

1 Card Pack

The Duelist

Play 3 games in Play mode.

1 Mount

Level Up

Get any class to level 10. 

1 Card Pack

Crafting Time

Disenchant a card. 

95 Arcane Dust 

Enter The Arena

Enter The Arena 

1 Arena Credit (Free Round)


Acquire every Pirate. 

Captain's Parrot

Golden Arrrrrr!!!

Acquire every Golden Pirate. 

Captain's Parrot (Golden)


Acquire every Murloc.

Old Murk-Eye

Golden Mrglglglgl!

Acquire every Golden Murloc.

Old Murk-Eye (Golden)

Chicken Dinner

Win 100 games in any mode. 

300 Gold 

Big Winner

Win 1000 games in any mode.

300 Gold

Ready to Go!

Unlock every Hero.

100 Gold

Beta Hero!

  Thank you for helping to test our Store      

       Gelbin Mekkatorque (Golden)         

Crushed Them All!

Defeat every Expert AI Hero.

100 Gold

Got the Basics!

Collect every card in the Basic Set.

100 Gold

One of Everything!    

Collect every card in the Expert Set.

100 Gold


Daily Quest




Druid or Hunter Victory

Win 2 games with Druid or Hunter. 

40 Gold

Druid or Rogue Victory

Win 2 games with Druid or Rogue.

40 Gold

Hunter or Mage Victory

Win 2 games with Hunter or Mage. 

40 Gold

Mage or Shaman Victory

Win 2 games with Mage or Shaman.

40 Gold

Paladin or Priest Victory

Win 2 games with Paladin or Priest. 

40 Gold

Paladin or Warrior Victory

Win 2 games with Paladin or Warrior.

40 Gold

Priest or Warlock Victory

Win 2 games with Priest or Warlock. 

40 Gold

Rogue or Warrior Victory

Win 2 games with Rogue or Warrior.

40 Gold

Shaman or Warlock Victory

Win 2 games with Shaman or Warlock.

40 Gold

Druid or Hunter Dominance

Win 5 games with Druid or Hunter. 

60 Gold

Druid or Rogue Dominance

Win 5 games with Druid or Rogue.

60 Gold

Hunter or Mage Dominance

Win 5 games with Hunter or Mage.  

60 Gold

Mage or Shaman Dominance

Win 5 games with Mage or Shaman.

60 Gold

Paladin or Priest Dominance

Win 5 games with Paladin or Priest. 

60 Gold

Paladin or Warrior Dominance

Win 5 games with Paladin or Warrior.

60 Gold

Priest or Warlock Dominance

Win 5 games with Priest or Warlock. 

60 Gold

Rogue or Warrior Dominance

Win 5 games with Rogue or Warrior.  

60 Gold

Shaman or Warlock Dominance

Win 5 games with Shaman or Warlock.

60 Gold

Destroy them All

Destroy 40 minions.

40 Gold

Only the Mighty

       Play 20 minions that cost 5 or more.        

40 Gold

            The Meek Shall Inherit               

Play 40 minions that cost 2 or less.

40 Gold

Spell Master

Cast 40 spells.

40 Gold

Beat Down

Deal 100 damage to enemy heroes.

40 Gold

Total Dominance

Win 7 games in any mode.

100 Gold

3 Victories!

Win 3 games with any class.

40 Gold

Upon logging into Hearthstone for the first time each day, you will be given one of the following daily quests. Beta Patch 3890 changed the individual class dailies to including two classes in each daily to make them easier to complete.

Throughout all these quests, I picked some easy quests which can be finished in early stage. With these easy quests’ accumulation, you can hit more arenas or buy more card packs. But this kind of quests can only be completed once, so spend your loot carefully.

First of all, “First Blood”, you just hop into Play mode. Whatever you win or lose, after your first game, you’ll get a free booster pack. Secondly, “Level up”, upon hitting level ten with any single class, expect another free booster, as well as access to all of the class specific basic cards. This is especially helpful in setting yourself up to be successful while in-game. Thirdly, “Crafting Time”, after receiving three copies of a card, Hearthstone will prompt you to figure out disenchanting cards in order to obtain Arcane Dust. Upon doing so, you’ll receive 95 Arcane Dust. Considering rares cost 100, this can be incredibly helpful in your quest towards a relevant deck that doesn’t just get stomped all day forever. Fourthly, enter the arena, it becomes available after unlocking all of the class decks. This is the one situation where use of the Arena is free. Again, be sure you have a basic understanding of the game before squandering this gift. Lastly, "Ready to go". This quest really goes hand in hand with the Enter the Arena quest, as you’ll need to complete it in order to actually get into the Arena. After unlocking all of the classes, you’ll be given 100 gold to do with as you please. We recommend that you play public games to unlock most of heroes and play with AI to unlock the rest of heroes. This will help you fulfil daily quest meanwhile;

Throughout all these quests, I picked some easy quests which can be finished in early stage. With
All the easiest methods of earning gold don’t require you to drop a dime in game store, however it may cost you more time in the game. Money or time, whatever you choose, you will collect all cards and build a better deck in the Hearthstone!


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